【S11875】レヴレット・IQ・ロゼ・メトード・トラディショネル NV | Leveret IQ Rose Methode Traditionnelle NV | ヴィレッジ・セラーズ・ワインクラブ Village Cellars Wine Club


【S11875】レヴレット・IQ・ロゼ・メトード・トラディショネル NV | Leveret IQ Rose Methode Traditionnelle NV

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レヴレット・IQ・ロゼ・メトード・トラディショネル NV
産地:ニュージーランド/ ホークス・ベイ


For serious bubbly lovers. This Hawkes Bay Rose bubbles are made "methode traditionelle". Base wine is matured for 12 months and secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle for a minimum of 18 months before disgorgement, resulting in complexity and weight and fine beads, which are unbelievable for the price of this wine. Don't miss out at an amazing 25%OFF RRP on already very reasonably priced bottle.

Leveret IQ Rose Methode Traditionnelle NV
Region: Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Variety: Pinot Noir 45%, Chardonnay 44%, Pinot Meunier 8%, Cabernet Franc 3%

A light salmon pink colour, with a fine persistent bead and a moderate mousse. Aromas of citrus, strawberry and complex yeast derived characters of vanilla, roasted nuts and vegemite. The palate is dry with a gentle spritz and long clean finish.

This shop sells alcoholic beverages. Drinking under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.

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¥2,880 tax included



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