【T10436】ルーウィン・エステート・アートシリーズ・シャルドネ S'14 | Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay S'14

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常に高評価を獲得するルーウィン・シャルドネの10年熟成ヴィンテージ。1つの房に大小様々な粒が実るジンジン・クローンを樹上でしっかり完熟。大粒の実の充実した果実味と小粒の実の豊かな酸味は、樽発酵・熟成により洗練された味わいへと昇華し、長期瓶熟成でしなやかに溶け込む。2014年は安定した天候に恵まれた良年。 98pts James Halliday


《The true value of a Leeuwin Chardonnay appears with aging》
From a long line of highly praised Leeuwin Chardonnay vintages, we present the 2014. Made from the Gingin clone, prized for its ability to ripen grapes of very different sizes on the same bunch. The rich fruitiness of the large grapes and the rich acidity of the small grapes are sublimated into a beautifully balanced wine by barrel fermentation and aging, and are further complexed by long-term bottle aging. 2014 was an excellent year blessed with stable weather.
98pts James Halliday

Region:Margaret River, Western Australia

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