【U11459】カウンティ・ライン・ヴィンヤーズ・ロゼ '19 | County Line Vineyards Rose '19

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【プレミアム・オファー | Premium Offer】
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カリフォルニアでカルト的な人気を誇るラジオ=コトーの造り手エリック・サスマンと栽培醸造チームが手がけるもう一つのラベル。冷涼なアンダーソン・ヴァレーの有機ブドウを自然発酵、フレンチオーク旧樽で熟成。イチゴや柑橘のアロマ、青リンゴの風味。酸とミネラルが爽やかで、幅広い料理と好相性。90pts Vinous


《Biodynamic Rose by Eric Sussman》

The second label from Eric Sussman, creator of California’s cult-favourite Radio-Coteau, and his viticulture and winemaking team. Organic grapes from the cool Anderson Valley were naturally fermented and aged in old French oak. Aromas of strawberry and citrus, with green apple flavours. The refreshing acidity and minerality make it a great match with a wide variety of dishes.
90pts Vinous

Region:Anderson Valley, Mendocino County, California
Variety:Pinot Noir

This shop sells alcoholic beverages. Drinking under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.

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¥4,400 tax included

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