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Special Offers

期間限定 2022年5月31日まで

Available Until the 31st of May


SP214とSP215は、旬を存分に感じられる食材を引き立てる、個性溢れる生産者のワインです。ご予算が合えば、SP214と215を同時ご購入でさらに5%OFF‼ 旬の食材をフードフレンドリーなワインでどうぞお楽しみください。

SP212 and SP213 were set to enjoy when the cherry blossoms were in full flower, but due to high demand we are extending them until the end of the month.

SP214 and SP215 feature wines from unique producers selected to complement fresh seasonal ingredients, with wines with different styles and price points from

the same wineries to showcase their range. If your budget fits, you can get an additional 5% off by purchasing SP214 and 215 at the same time!

スペシャル・オファー | Special Offer
プレミアム・オファー | Premium Offer

* スペシャル・オファーはテーマに合わせて期間限定でご購入頂けるワインセットです。
* Special Offers are seasonal sets with exciting themes.