【SP243】ジューシーな味わいと爽快な喉ごし スリー・オークス・シードル(375ml缶) 30缶セット | It’s like biting into an apple! Three Oaks Cider (375ml can) 30 can set

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■賞味期限 2024年10月20日

As well as being famous for its cool climate wines, the Adelaid e Hills produces 80% of all apples grown in South Australia. Using fruit from fa mily orchards farmed by four generations since the 1860s, this blend of juice is fermented for 10-14 days at low temperatures using natural yeast to make a pr emium craft cider. Complex and well balanced, with a crisp, clean finish driven by the natural acidity of the apples. No additives. Gluten free. Delicious with sauteed salmon.

Region:Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Variety:Pink Lady/Granny Smith/Red Delicious
■Best before date: October 20, 2024

This shop sells alcoholic beverages. Drinking under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.

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¥11,880 tax included

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